Tags I made for Adeyke

My birthday present for Adeyke. He did like it - at least I hope so :)

I didn't know yet that Alexander likes cats but simply added one because I thought it cute and I found it fit well there! As he likes cats, I think he likes the tag - even though it's not that grand :)

A screenshot from Legend of Kyrandia 1. I didn't quite know what to add to it, so I finally placed the knight into the corner - thinking of Alexander's title "Knight in Shining Armour" in Catrina's Lair. Took me quite a while to get the text to look like this!

I hope Alexander will like this tag

This was another pic from the nature tag contest. When I made the one for Celeborn, I saw the cute kitties that would fit so well for Alexander, so I decided to make a tag from this one as well! :) Hope he'll like it! :)

Hmm, I simply felt like making Alexander another tag! lol And it was so nicely red after all! ;)

I played around with the fractal a bit ;)