Avatars that I've used on the boards

My first one. I got it in the rpg at Hogwarts where I "bought" it as familiar in Cat's Pet Store. I called her Magica.

When I found those other pics of Magica over the course of time, I had to add them to my collection and used them for a while.

That's a tag Matt made for me. And for quite a long while I did use it as avatar. And might do so again. :)

This is supposed to represent one of my rpg-chars, Lilya Lerķan, a half-elf. Unfortunately as the pointed ears are close to invisible, it seems to better represent Larissa Alderaan, a human cleric. I altered a pic I found on the net somewhat to give her the black hair tinged with red as the original had fiery red hair.

This is a tag Mikeyben made me. I used - a smaller version - of it as avatar for a while.

Isn't this kitty cute?