My favorite books

Well, I've told already that I love to read. Mostly I read fantasy. Now you might be curious what kind of fantasy. Well, my two absolute favorite authors are Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mercedes Lackey. But I've been known to read everything that consists of letters! ;)

Marion Zimmer Bradley is probably best known for her Mists of Avalon and her Darkover series. In my opinion her best books are The Firebrand, a retelling of the Trojan war out of the view point of Kassandra, Lythande, a collection of shortstories about a mage whose life depends on a Secret, Hawkmistress and Exile's Song, two (unconnected) novels playing on the fantasy world Darkover.

Among Mercedes Lackey's books I love especially her Valdemar series. Valdemar, a small kingdom, that is kept safe by the Heralds, people most with extraordinary gifts like Thought-sensing, Empathy, Fetching, Fire-Starting, Far-Sight, Fore-Sight or true Magic Chosen by the so-called Companions, telepathic white horses who are of course far more than just horses! ;)

Other authors that I like a lot are Robin McKinley, Anne Logston, Christopher Stasheff, Jennifer Roberson, Piers Anthony, Tanya Huff, Maggie Furey, Anne Rice, Anne McCaffrey, Caroline Stevermer, Laurell K. Hamilton, Andre Norton, Joanne K. Rowling, Kate Forsyth and many more that I can't think of right now. (yes, I do read alot! ;))