Tags I made for Cygnwolf

My entry for the animal tag contest: August, wolves - well, who else would I make a wolf tag for? ;)

A tag for Cygnwolf with a fitting avatar - he kept pestering me to make him an avatar after Shanra made him one, so I finally did! ;) With the tag to accompany it of course! lol

Who else was this pic for than for Cygnwolf? lol

Eons ago I promised Cygnwolf I'd make him a tag with one of the Greek gods I found but no matter how much I twiddled around with it, I was never content with it. Well, here it is finally! :) I'm still not quite satisfied with the way it looks but he likes it! :)

I found another wolf image recently and I just couldn't not make a tag for Wolfie out of it! lol