Tags I made for Elmindreda

My entry for the animal tag contest: September, dolphins, made for Elmindreda1. *laughs as she remembers El's reaction* The first time she saw it, she thought "oh, what a pretty tag" and only the second time she realized it had her name! lol

My entry for the Christmas tag contest at the Fantasy Cave. I think it looks cute! :)

Another screenshot from LoK. I'm not quite happy with it, though! :/ To get the pegasus and the angel to fade into the background I had to unfocus the whole image. And then I couldn't get the font to fade enough! :\

You won't believe that this was originally a screenshot from Conquest of the Longbow! lol. It may be a bit strange but I like it. Hope she does, too!

When I saw this pic, I just thought of Elmindreda

I hope El will like this tag

This was another painting of Monet. Afer I added the name, I thought it was still looking a bit empty, so I started adding parts of her titles