Tags made for me by MattQG

My very first tag ever! ;) I was so happy when Matt gave it to me. :D

MattQG's entry for the June contest at Kelly's. It looks awesome! *especially loves the reading liontaur*

Meep-Catwoman! lol Matt made an ezboard set and when I saw the meep-catwoman I loved it so much I asked him to make it into a tag for me! :) The only way that tag would get more purrfect is if it were blue! ;) lol

Matt asked what everyone's Ultimate QfG-tag would be. I said Shakra visiting Aziza or rather viceversa - as the two of them are my fav "minor" chars in the series. Well, this is actually Rakeesh, Shakra's father, but it's a liontaur and Aziza together. And the view of a katta in the magic message. Could this tag be more purrfect? ;) *loves it*