Curious about me?

Well, what is there to say about me? I am Austrian and live in Vienna. I study French and maths to become a teacher. Yes, a teacher, you heard me correctly! ;)
As you can see I'm good both in languages and in maths. The funny thing is: two years ago I cursed myself why I ever chose maths. Now I sigh about French... *soft laugh*
I love to read. *blissful smile* Mostly fantasy! *eyes sparkle* I like the boards (as you can see when you look into the links section! *grin*), yes, you could say I am a postaholic even! ;) By the way, did I tell you I love to read?
Well, I play computer games (mostly adventure games like Quest for Glory or King's Quest for instance but recently I made the mistake of buying Diablo and am an addicted ever since. Yes, I do want to get Diablo II as well - but I don't allow myself to buy it before I haven't finished my final paper *sigh*), I play around with graphics occasionnally (oh, you guessed? ;)), I love to write my own stories when the inspiration strikes. But most of my time is spent reading. *grin*
I love animals, mostly cats and horses. If I weren't human, I'd want to be a cat. And one day I'll have a cat of my own! *sparkling eyes* And something else that just occurs to me: Did you guess my favorite color is blue? *laughs*

What else do you want to know? My age? You didn't expect me to tell you that, now did you? :p

How did I come to be interested in boards and homepages? Well, I was playing QfG and needed a hint. So I looked for something on the net and found ... a messageboard. In short I became a regular there. Then that messageboard company went down, so I looked for another one, became a regular there and suddenly I realized there were more out like this. So I slowly expanded the circle of boards I visited. And still I found ever more I liked! *wink* And I found lots of good friends who made me tags to use on the boards. And one day - when I wanted to have something to post - I made a tag, too, and then another. And yet one more. And suddenly I had made a name as tagger. *chuckles* So I had a great many tags by friends and the tags I had made for them. What a pity I thought that I can only use one at a time! I want people to see them all! So I decided upon making a webpage. *gestures around* And here it is. Hope you appreciate it. If you do, why not sign my guestbook? ;)

Well, by the way if you want to know more, maybe you should check out my board and try to get to know me a bit! ;) Then I might even tell you! ;)
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