September 10th 2002
Phew! Done with all the changes finally! I might tweak the color schemes here or there at some time or other. But the main work is done! :)

September 9th 2002
*sighs* Changing backgrounds and then the fonts and dividers to fit sure is work! Well, at least I'm mostly done with the comments. Here and there I could elaborate more - maybe one day I will! lol. Only a handful of the backgrounds done, though! :\

September 8th 2002
I started to rearrange my tag pages. Now I also need to find different backgrounds - nearly everywhere the same one, that's kind of boring, isn't it? Lol! And my comments need to be get changed a bit! Half done now with altering the comments! Rest will (hopefully) come soon! lol

September 3rd 2002
Hmm, I seem to get better in remembering to update the news! lol. Now what was it I wanted to add? :p Ah, yes I remember now:
Added a page showing off the different personal pictures I've used on ezboards - more commonly referred to as avatars. And I also corrected some minor errors in my poems. A few more tags got added as well. ;)

August 30th 2002
Split off the "true" fantasy stories from the shortstory section. Added a few more stories and poems that I finally typed into the computer as well as the two tags I got as a gift today.

August 27th 2002
Finally managed to put up some of the stories and poems I wrote a while ago but either hadn't managed to type into the comp yet or forgot to put up.

August 26th 2002
Well, I always forget to update the news whenever adding tags! :o Anyway I finally managed to add the tags I got in the past month. And the two tags I made. And I did add the newest story I've begun a while ago, A Paladin's Tale. Enjoy! :)

April 29th 2002
Hmm, seems I didn't document my updates here for a long time... I had to split off more tag-pages now. (If anybody made me ten tags or more, they merit a page of their own). Shanra with the over forty beautiful tags she's made me, has earned two pages by now, three if you count the one with the tags I made her (yes, she's the only one I made ten tags or rather more for ;))
I also keep updating the poetry section every so often of course...

February 20th 2002
Added a couple more poems and tags. Split off all the pretty tags by Shanra onto an extra page. Thank you, Shanra! :) I love them all. Maybe I'll be more creative lateron in describing them. Added the page with my favorite sayings.

January 4th 2002
Changed the outlay of the poetry-section and updated it.

December 12th 2001
Added more tags! ;)

December 4th 2001
One more move today! Hopefully the last! lol. But when Chris offered me space on his server I just couldn't resist! :)

December 3rd 2001
Done with the cleaning up now! :) I even added a new page, My favorite books, now! :)

December 2nd 2001
And another move... :/ When I had troubles accessing the filemanager at I decided to try it here. :)

November 26th 2001
Updated the poetry section.

October 11th 2001
I did update my site continously by adding tags and poems of course. Sorry I forgot to update the news. ;)

September 25th 2001
Please excuse the mess. I only just moved to freewebspace as crosswinds was down for nearly a week now and above all has deleted all my files.

September 6th 2001
Joined Erana's Top Site List. (you don't feel like voting for me, do you? ;)) Made a banner for my site and one for Backyard Discussions and put them both up. Created the page Curious about me? Divided the Links up on two pages. Made a couple of tags and added them.

September 5th 2001
I put up all of my stories and poems in English and started on the links page.

September 4th 2001
Today, September 4th, this place was created.
I uploaded most of my files, put up the background, the two tags-pages and my guestbook.