Tags I made for Oktariina

My entry for the June contest at Kelly's. I'm not really convinced it looks great. But it's only about the second or third tag ever that I made! ;) And - unbelievable as it is - it's a tag I won with! Lol Okie likes it, and that's the main thing :)

Okie told me she was learning to play the guitar, so I just had to make the dragon into a tag for her ;) lol I wanted a rat for her instead of the cat but couldn't find any! :/ And the colorscheme doesn't go together that well! :( I'd definitely do this tag very differently were I to redo it now! lol

Okie told me she loved Katrina and wanted her on a tag, so I made her this one. It didn't turn out quite perfect, though! :( Although I love the way the writing turned out! lol It seemed so perfectly fitting for a while I kept fearing Okie already had the same somewhere else because it seemed so "familiar"

Another screenshot from LoK. I didn't alter much here because the picture was so beautiful already. I simply added the flowers at the bottom because it seemed so "empty" there. But I just love the way the writing turned out. It looks awesome, doesn't it? It's one of my fav tags that I made! lol

I hope Okie will like this tag

I guess I found too many fairies, so I made another tag for Oktariina ;)

I felt like tagging and just had this cute image. Hope Okie will like it. :)

I used a painting from Monet as basis (he's my fav painter) and I think it turned out quite nice.

Actually this too is a shot from LotR that I recolored a bit ;) Seeing Okie likes green a lot! lol.

Well, just a photo from a horse in the sunset.

I had this nice dragon and after I had tinged it in red, I thought it'd fit Okie.

This fractal was originally yellow-red and I had only intended to change the colors a bit - and suddenly I ended up with the rainbow. So I had to play around to have a fitting name and so on. I think this playing around ended with a success! ;) Hope Okie'll think the same :)