Tags made for me by Oktariina

Oktariina's entry for the May contest at Kelly's. *likes it alot*

What a cute dragon!

Ooooh! Erana from the dream in QfG4! I told Okie how much I love Erana and she made me this tag! :) *absolutely adores this tag*

Okie's comment on this tag: blue + kitten = Lira (and I think she's right ;) )

A cat and books and blue! I love it! :D

Thank you so much, Okie! *huge hug* I love it!

What a cute cat! :D

And another pretty cat! :D

It's sooooo cute, Okie :)

This is actually the paper of a candy that Okie scanned in for me! I think it makes a cute tag! And I like having a candy named after me! ;)

It's lovely!

Thank you, Okie!

What a cute cat! :D

Oooh, pretty tag! :) And so nicely dark blue! :) *loves midnight blue - hmm, loves all kinds of blue* :p It's her entry for the August Nature Tag Contest at BD, beach

Okie's entry for the September Nature Tag Contest, night, at BD. Sooooo pretty :D