Tags Shanra made for me, part 2

I like those colors and unicorns are always so pretty!

Very different and very pretty!

Oh, Tinker! :D So beautiful. Thanks, Shanra!

Very pretty :)

Oh, what a beautiful scene!

What a sweet girl!


Oh, how sweet!

I like it!

Oh, what a beautiful tag!

Earth asleep in winter... How pretty. :)

What a peaceful tag!

Pretty! Thank you, Shanra!


Shanra said it was called Spirit of the Four Elements! I just love the four elements. :)

Very celtic! (goes well with the screenname Deirdre I am just using for a while)

Dolphins! And blue! :) I love blue!

What a pretty cat! :D * pets it and cuddles with it*


Looks very Roman! I like that look. :)

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