Tags Shanra made for me, part 4

Very pretty!

Cute! :)


What a cute swan! :)

This is one of my prettiest tags! *especially likes the title "Arch Mage" in there* ;)

Oh, cute! :)

Very pretty! Thanks, Shanra

A bit odd but really lovely!


Lovely, Shanra! :)

So cute!

*lays down next to the cat and has a nap* It's adooorable! ;) A cat and blue, I can only love it! lol

I like it - even if it's got red polka dots! ;)

How pretty! :)


It's beautiful!!!

Duchess Lira? I like it! ;)

Very pretty! :)

Unicorn mage? It definitely fits the image! And the image is blue! So it's got to fit me! lol

Oh, what pretty unicorns! :)

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