Tags I made for myself

I love cats and books! ;)

A screenshot from QfG4

Another screenshot from QfG4

Did I tell you already? I love cats! *grin*

My first playing around with PSP7

PSP7 again! ;)

I was in a bit of a tagging frenzy today! ;)

And yet one more! lol

A screenshot from Legend of Kyrandia

A screenshot from Eco Quest 1

And another for me! lol

Felt like playing around with graphics today

I just like that solarisation effect

I couldn't resist the blue ;)

I just had to search for gryphons today.

Well, I really adore gryphons ;)

I guess I found too many fairies... lol

Erana's Garden from QfG4 - I played a bit around with it, though ;)

I just had to try that effect in gimp... lol

Some more playing around in Gimp... lol