Tags I made for myself, Part 2

I just couldn't bear to give away this pegasus because the image is simply too cute!

*loves that image* I might redo the tag, though. I'm not quite happy with the way the text turned out! :(

Well, I hadn't meant to make this tag for myself originally! :o But when I added the original name I figured it was too feminine to give a guy, so I got to keep it! lol

A screenshot from LoK, the same as on the side before with the tag that turned out so strange actually! lol I was trying out Adeyke's recipe with layers and blurring. I like the effect a lot actually! :)

Isn't this kitty cute? :D

I wanted to play around a bit with an idea for a text effect I had and needed a bg, so I simply used one of the fractals I had saved eons ago. When it seemed empty, I added the first title I could think of. And voilą! Nicely blue! ;)

A close up shot of Padme from Star Wars, Episode II. It was originally tinged in red but I recolored it! ;) Unfortunately it's a bit dark - but the shot wasn't too good :/