Tags I made for Shanra

My entry for the September contest at Kelly's. I wanted to make a tag for Shanra, so I had to add a fairy! ;) I had to clean up the translucent fairy a bit as the background tended to peek through and I added the stars to lighten up the background

I played a bit around and I kind of like the effect with the silhouttes - although it definitely is a bit dark

My entry for the fairy tag contest at Matt's - who else for but Shanra? ;)

A screenshot from Legend of Kyrandia. The original fairy queen was close to naked and I added the dress of another woman! Yikes! I'm not doing that work anytime soon again! :p Cleaning up the font took me eternities, too, and it's still not perfect! :/ When I made the tag I thought it funny to add a few of the stones but somehow they don't quite fit! :/ Like I hadn't cleaned up or so

A screenshot from Conquest of the Longbow - although I kind of improved on it with a solarisation effect ;)

I thought Shanra might like that dragon with the girl

Luthien from Lord of the Rings, this picture just made me think of Shanra

I know Shanra loves blue and pegasi

It looks kind of unfinished but I kind of like it

Not that Shanra is angelic but somehow that angel reminded me of her

Just had to make a tag for Shanra out of this

I know Shanra will love those unis

Well, who else was this pegasus for?

I meant to try out something and just happened to have this tag - which fits for Shanra so perfectly

Simple but sweet

Quote from Shanra: *declares that her sweetest, cutest fairy tag*

Another cute fairy

Well, this fairy made me think of Shanra of course

The lake of the Rusalka from QfG4 - with a couple of changes by me ;)

Somehow it looks a bit unfinished - as if I should add something to the upper right corner. I hope Shanra still likes it :)